OK OK! You found the About ME page... yes i made one...here's some tidbits:

M'name is Lexi, i'm 30ish years old, live in a small town in the sierra foothills CA. called PLACERVILLE.
This is my husband and my bubble... Pixel Ray!

I used to crochet but was never very good at it. I always ended up liking the yarn better than the finished project. Luckily the little yarn shop in my town is owned by an AWESOME lady who spins and she taught me the nuts and bolts of it, starting with a dirty old raw fleece, some hand carders and a drop spindle. I spun ALOT of straigt yarn before i learned how to go crooked! And thats the trick...you have to learn the rules before you can break them. ....and MISTAKES are your best friend, i've learned.

My current fantasy is to live in an EARTHSHIP on the turquoise trail in New Mexico and have a PLuckyfluff shop on the side of the lonely highway....

before Pluckyfluff there was MARSHA HUBERT:
Marsha Hubert was an email list i maintained where MARSHA would send out her recipes, cocktails and cake decorating ideas once a week. Fabulous scruptiousness sent right to your in-box. Marsha also had a website where all of the past recipes could be found- in case you ever needed that bacon-chowder recipe in a pinch!! She also hosted many contests and exchanges among the subscribers, like the famous BACON CHALLENGE or the cocktail contest. AH yes....them's was good times...

Here's the recipe that started it all: (sometimes Marsha was drinking ...)
Baby loves Mama's Chicken
...or How The West Was One...

step A: when man come home say: "babylovesmama'schick'n!"
(if'n no man, look in mirror and say: "babylovesmama'schick'n!")

use "half breasts" "best of fryer" or "whole cut up" free range to be nice.
first: rinse that chicken!
then...arrange peices in deep glass baking dish.
-turn meaty parts of chik'n up.

1) drench chick'n in oilive oil (should be oozing all over bottom of pan.)
2) drench chik'n agin in dry white wine (till 'bout 1/2" deep)
3) git 4 sticks fresh rosemarry and strip leaves onto chicken, throw sticks on chicken, throw an extra stick w/leaves in to be safe. there should be lots and lots of rosemary all over chik'n down in the juice.
4) sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle with lots of salt! think you have enough? sprinkle more! salt salt salt
5) grind grind grind fresh black pepper on chik'n. agin-just making skin look appitzing, not too mush pepper.
6) sprinkle, sprinkle with dry thyme. not too much! just to make nice even speckles on skin.

now- turn all peices over and reapeat steps 4-6 on undersides. let sit in fridge all day or as much time as you have allowed.
take chik'n out and turn peices over so yummy sides is up. repeat steps 4-6 agin.
put chik'n and juices an' all in 450 degree oven and bake until done and skin is crispie dark golden brown chewy done. 35 min? 40?

The End
Don't say i never gave ya nuthin.

before Marsha Hubert there was FLY-GIRLS Fly Fishing School for Women
Fly Girls was a guide service/fly fishing school geared towards women (but i taught men too....), there was just a lack of accessable venues for the gals at the time. I worked in an awesome FLY SHOP and enjoyed listening to the old timers come in and reminisce about waters gone by over donuts and coffee. I got the idea for flygirls while working here because sooo many women were dragged into the shop by their boyfriends/husbands who desperatly wanted them to enjoy fishing together. (of course you KNEW they probably fought the whole time....who likes being "taught" by their guy??). So to save some relationships i opened my guide service and we would pack up the gear, the girls and some cold ones for later and head to the mountains. so fun!
But fishing has changed for me now...i grew out of the "catching" part, in fact i don't think i ever really cared about that to begin with. Now i fish HOOKLESS- meaning i cut the entire hook off the fly. now the little fishies just come up and take the fly off the water and swim around w/it. then eventually it pops out. no harm done. no more life-and-death struggle. who cares if you actually touch it or not? i got nothin to prove.... i just like to see them flash by in the water. i was going to write my HOOKLESS MANIFESTO, but thats still on the list. someday...

before FLY-GIRLS there was SOFTSPOT
SoftSpot was my so-called clothing company. But i gave all the clothes away to my friends and i was not a good enough sewer to actually charge people. I love sewing though, and could make up my own patterns no sweat....but finish a nice clean seam... or an invisible zipper!!?? come on! hell no...i know my limitations. I did have a label and website for it though, so i tried.

That was years ago- Now i am a much better sewer and am learning how to quilt and bought a very expensive machine which makes me feel very good.

In the MEANTIME...
I do other stuff too...

Some paintings....photos... whatnot.

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