AURA- Treasure box yarn

My best yarn ever....really. I think i've spent 5 years getting to this yarn! It took hours to spin it and i used up my entire treasure box full of lovely fiber pieces that i have been saving. I kind of don't want to sell it.... but i need the X-mas $$!

This yarn is very lumpy, bumpy and bulky (as thick as your thumb in spots) but suprisingly light for it's size. It is 3 layers deep: a core of miscellaneous uncarded hand dyed fibers, odds and ends (including ALOT of merino), wrapped around this is a very sheer layer of white mohair that creates a glowing aura around the yarn, then wrapped around all that is a selection of beautiful novelty threads from france. These threads are spun in different sections and have purple nubs, ruby like sparkle nubs, irridescent hairlike fiber and fan-like shimmering fringe.

There is enough here for a scarf if knit with plenty of air. Drop enough stitches to really show off the yarn.

Length: 170ft/56yds
6.6 OZ!!!!!
PRICE: $125.00
email to purchase

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