These Pluckyfluff workshops are two full days of class that cover a broad range of spinning techniques from my books Handspun Revolution, Intertwined and HandSpun (due out Fall '11). But these techniques are just a place to start, the point of this class is to investigate and develop your own creative ideas. There will be ample opportunity to try new things one-on-one, or get the whole class involved! The goal of the class is to develop an artistic awareness within students so that they can see fiber and yarn as a medium for creative expression. Bring an open mind and you're sure to leave with a smile (oh, and...LOTS of cool yarn!)
Scroll to the bottom of the page for specifics and materials list. **CLASSES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE WITHIN 3 WEEKS PRIOR TO WORKSHOP**

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am taking a two-year hiatus to focus on other projects after the following classes are over. I will only have one or two select workshops per year for 2014 and after.

Interested in HOSTING a workshop? Email me to find out about organizing a Camp Pluckyfluff in your area. Most traveling camps only need a minimum of 12-14 students to make it happen, so contact me if you think there's interest in your neck of the woods. Hosts get to take the class for free in exchange for some organizing.

Enjoy this primmier episode of our video series 'Yarntown'. This first episode is a whopping three-part technique called 'Coil Boil'. enjoy!
(This is a 650MB file, 45 minute QUICKTIME movie. just FYI. avg download time: 10mins.)

Pluckyfluff Studio
The studio is open by appointment for viewing or for spinners to use. Use of the venue is free of charge but donations are encouraged, be it money, extra fiber, or help sweeping the floors! Studio time is drop-in or can be scheduled through Lessons and classes are available. Private lessons are $35/hour. To make an appt. text or call 530-391-8012.

Pluckyfluff Studio
in the orchard at Boeger Winery.
Open by appt. 530-391-8012
Studio time is FREE, donations encouraged.

Private Lessons: $35/hr

Workshop Series:

Camp Pluckyfluff MADISON, CT
Come to the third annual Mad Wool Camp Pluckyfluff! We will be hosted by Madison Wool in conjunction with Wildwood Farm in Madison CT. Come spin in a beautiful farm and artist studio setting!

LODGING: There are cabin rentals reserved for this class at Beech Tree Cottages. Say you are with the Madison Wool group when you make reservations. 203-245-2676

Mad Wool Camp Pluckyfluff
55 Sheep Pasture Rd.
Madison, CT
June 7-8th, 2014

One-Day option
choose day

Annual Hometown Camp! At the Pluckyfluff Studio, Placerville, CA
Join me in Old Hangtown for my annual workshop at my studio on the beautiful grounds at Boeger Winery. I am now only doing one travelling camp and one hometown camp per year. So this is it for 2014! Since there's no travel cost to me, please enjoy a discounted rate for this class: $100/pp (usually $200). There is a one-day option for those of you who have time constraints ($50/day).

Pluckyfluff Studio workshop
1709 Carson Rd..
Placerville, CA
Sept. 20-21, 2014

One-day option $50/pp

One-day option, choose

Classes Include the following and MORE!

Thread plying, coils, super-coils, twists, stacks, corespinning, core-less corespinning, navaho ply, mohairy, tail-spinning, add-in's, and ah heck I can't even remember it all. We'll switch it up and take request's too! Don't worry, if you want to learn it, you will.

Tuition Includes: Two days of instruction
Some Materials (unusual stuff that will be hard for you guys to supply)
Happy camp memories!

Your money is refundable up until THREE WEEKS PRIOR to the class unless otherwise stated.PLANE TICKETS ARE NOT REFUNDED in the case of case cancelling. Please buy your tickets at the three week mark or get refundable tickets.

ENROLLED STUDENTS: Materials List and Instructions

1. Spinning Wheel
2. Niddy Noddy

-1oz mohair (locks, batts, roving form ok)
-commercial mohair yarn for core-spinning (not the super hairy kind...look for something strong, thin and with some furriness. it won't show so don't worry about what it looks like.)
-Plying threads/yarns: Bring strong, thin material for thread-plying. This will show so bring ones that you want to mix with your fibers.
-1 lb. wool. (Locks, batts, roving ok. but I highly recommend bringing farm wool or lightly processed rovings as opposed to really processed commercial roving such as super-wash or combed tops.)
-Carding goodies: We will be doing a lot of carding, so here's your chance to break out the sari-silk, sparkle, noils or any other little textured fibers!

Optional Materials:
Since much of the class will now be individual-study I will not be covering many topics as a whole group. Please refer to techniques you are interested from my books or other sources and check those material requirements and bring those things. we can cover it one-on-one.

Some ideas for independent study time:
-Uncarded locks (any breed, for tail-spinning)
-Add-ins (beads, buttons, feathers etc.)
- large eye sharp darning needle (if doing add-in's)
-fabric (very soft natural fabrics, like vintage cotton and silk work best. not stiff stuff!! pre-shredded at no more than 1/4" width.)

We will be doing both regular spinning and well as highly textured stuff. So if you have a wheel that can handle both, bring it. If you have to choose one, go for the larger orifice and wheel with best take-up.

You are encouraged to bring things you've made or spun to share w/the class and give ideas!

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