EASTER DRESS- my new favorite-ever yarn!

HUGE skein made from a lovely cotton/embroidered easter dress!! This was a whole women's cotton embroidered spring dress which i spiral cut from the bottom up into ONE CONTINUOUS STRIP of fabric!!!! The entire skirt part was covered with floral embroidery which shows in the spun yarn. The top of the dress was shirred with elastic thread and spun up very ruffley. There are several blue stripes in here from the sash and straps. Through out are vibrant rose red and bright green lincolin lock tufts. The fabric was spun along side orange, pink and turquoise hand-dyed, hand-carded wool sparkle batts which are spun into coils in places. The entire yarn is wrapped with a delicate black novelty thread with little silver/white lumps.

This yarn took 6 days to make!! So labor intensive! Thus the high $$......

PLENTY here for a big project. It is bulky and sturdy.....amybe make a hand-bag or????? A throw pillow?? or a big easter-bunny?? This is ONE POUND of yarn!!! ONE POUND, 2oz!!!!!
PRICE: $140.00
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