Pluckyfluff NEWS FLASH!
Sept. 24th 2006

Check out these great pics from photographer KYLE PARKER! These are some rough ideas he has for the book layout for the zombie hat. so cool right??? yay!

Pluckyfluff NEWS FLASH!
Sept. 1st 2006

URBAN OUTFITTERS is notorious for ripping off small designers. i was being facetious. Urban Counterfitters

Pluckyfluff NEWS FLASH!
Aug. 31st 2006

URBAN OUTFITTERS emailed me and asked if i could make them 500-1000 POUNDS of handspun yarn! I know....I know...! It's not funny, .... ok it's kind of funny. i don't think they know what handspun really is. but lets do the math just for kicks: ON AVERAGE (for me)
one skein= 4oz
one skein takes 2 hours (spin time only....not dyeing/carding)
one POUND= 8 hours of spinning (one full work day)
1000 pounds x 8 hours/pound= 8000 hours of spinning!
if i just worked 8 hour days 7 days a week i could do this in just under 3 years...however, if i work 24 hours a day and didn't take a single break i could do it in 333 days. so...i don't know, maybe i could pull that off.

But really, now i'm freaked out. THEY ARE ON TO US!! So keep your eyes open for your favorite Pluckyfluff designs to be "borrowed" and spun by tiny hands in 3rd world countries for giant corporate clothes companies.

Pluckyfluff NEWS FLASH!
July 29th 2006
Starting a second BOOK!!

Pluckyfluff Book II:(working title)

This book will be a virtual FEAST of gorgeous yarn imagery, thoughtful and thought-provoking writing on the craft of handspinning and the artistic practice of it, simple instructions for 20 new never-published techniques, start-to-finish examples of varied and unusual processes, investigations into the natural collaboration between artistic spinners and knitters/crocheters/artists, images of the final products of these collaborations, and finally contributions from the vibrant new spinning/fibercraft community including patterns, poems, essays, interviews and thoughts.

Some Chapters so far:
Introduction: Overview of my approach to spinning, personal views and feelings on the craft.

Growing Pains: Art or Craft? Adresses the shifts and rifts currently going on in the craft of handspinning. In depth discussion of the new trends and their implications for the future of the craft. The role of creative thinking and non-function will be addressed and balanced against and dove-tailed into the topics of skill, tradition and functionality.

Influences: Ideas and imagery on sources of inspiration for creative yarn making including landscape, memory, politics, emotions, texture, etc.

Start to Finish: Step by step journey from sketchbook to final project: ie: The Emporor has no Clothes.

Instructions: 20 never before published new techniques with simple instructions and pictures.

Intertwined: The collaboration between spinner and knitter/crocheter/artist. Before and after pictures of Pluckyfluff yarns and the projects that crafters have made with them. Some contributions will include patterns and descriptions of how to make these projects.

One Hundred One of a Kind: One hundred beautiful fullcolor luscious pics of totally origional handspun yarn.

NOTE: Woven through-out this book will be thoughtful tidbits and quotes paired with beautiful imagery to really create the sense that you are on a journey through the book, stopping to see different sites along the way.

Interested in being a part of this book? I can't pay for contributions...hell, not sure how I'm going to pay for the book! But your name, website, etc. will be published with your work and full credit given. If you want to participate email me a picture of the work, or for written works, a complete, edited, ready to print version. Works chosen to go into the book may have to be sent to me for photographing. BE SURE TO SPECIFY WHICH SECTION YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING TO!

A: Intertwined: Submit a picture of a project you have made with any Pluckyfluff yarn in it.

B: Patterns: Submit any pattern that specifically shows off the qualities of handspun yarn. (picture needed).

C: Writing: Thoughts, poems, essays, stories, quotes, etc. that have to do with yarn, needle/fiber craft, creative process, politics of fiber, sheep, wool, fiber...anything related to this craft. Be as creative as you want here! Got a good story of your spinnin' grandma? poem about cleaning guck out of wool?

D: Your Handspun: Submit your own handspun yarn or project made from handspun yarn.

PUBLISHERS: Interested in this book? I need money and It's needs to get contact me!

Pluckyfluff NEWS FLASH!
July 23rd 2006

Anyone watch PROJECT RUNWAY? Of course you do! Well fab designer Kara Janx, who didn't win but SHOULD have won, has an awesome handspun yarn hat on her site. I emailed to find out if she spun...because it would be great if more high profile fashion people were making and using handspun. She said she didn't.....
Anyhoo...I offered to send her a couple of skeins to use and she said great. Her designs are beautiful simplicity so i don't want to make anything too over-powering. I'll do a simple white mohair sparkle on polka-dot core, a rainbow batt super-wiggle two ply with sparkle and a vintage fabric scrap yarn. Check out the progress pics below.

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