DONE!!! The Emporor Has No Clothes

Here it is! FINALLY.... Super BULKY thick and thin single in vintage moomoo, latte silk, iclandic wool, sparkle felt nubbies and french novelty threads. The silk sections are shiny, lustrus and VERY VERY SKINNY and are off-set by the extremely bulky fabric sections. There are a few sections where the embroidery is very big, these can stay rolled or opened up to sit ontop of the knitted material.

How will it knit? I think it will look best If knit or crochet tightly and used for a purse or something like that. All though, what do i know.... you guys are the experts in that field!

Will put up for sale later today.
1 pound 2 oz!!


WORK IN PROGRESS! The Emporor Has No Clothes
5-28-06 UPDATE

HALF SPUN! Ok....i seriously have NO TIME for any fun anymore! but i'm poking along here...
I have about half of the strips spun, this looks like it's going to be a BIG skein, yay! The flowers are popping out in spots which is good and the little felted blobs are SO SPARKLY and spun in really easy. The threads from France also worked out, the one is very green and lumpy and gives the yarn an overall gardeny-botanical feel. Should be done today! if the babysitter gets here.... Check back for updates!

WORK IN PROGRESS! The Emporor Has No Clothes
5-25-06 UPDATE

THEY'RE HERE! The beautiful plying threads from my friend Laurence in France of Laine ZinZin have just arrived!! A HUGE box full of cone after cone of incredible threads!!!!! She made a trip to a great yarn maker Filature Houard to get them...

So i had to stop and include some of these threads in Emporor- check it out! Awesome nubby thread in mossy greens paired with a teeny ice blue eyelash (not even long enough to be eyelash...more just tiny strings).

The spinning is looking how i wanted it. You can really see the flowers, they kind of make little flower-bubbles. so cool! Check back for updates!

WORK IN PROGRESS! The Emporor Has No Clothes
5-24-06 UPDATE

FAILURE! As you can see in the first picture...the sparkle did NOT make a beautiful sparkly edge on the material. it didn't stick at all! just turned into little lumps of sparkle in the pillow case. So i decided to try it one more time only i added some wool and mohair (pic. #2) and washed them all again.
FAILURE AGAIN!! Well...sort of. they still did not stick to the material. however, they did stick to the string i tied the bundles with and formed these weird little bubbly strands. very spacey and weird!! like an alien hair ball. so i think i will use these in the yarn. they will bubble out of the fabric here and there.
Chose the material for the base of the yarn: a lovely blue/yellow/orange hand carded batt, "easter" pluckyply and some really pretty silk roving that is an off-white latte. very shiny!!
WILL START SPINNING TODAY! (finally got some babysitting) Check back for updates!

WORK IN PROGRESS! The Emporor Has No Clothes
5-23-06 UPDATE

FINALLY! All cut out. Now i tied them into bundles so i can wash them and hopefully the edges will fray nicely. But it's who knows? There was a little silver sparkle in my bag that the robe was in and it looked really good next to the embroidery so i have decided to wash the strips in a pillowcase with a bunch of sparkle. hopefully the sparkle will get tangled in the frayed edges of the strips and make a glittery edge. again....this is all just speculation!
Check back for updates!

WORK IN PROGRESS! The Emporor Has No Clothes
5-15-06 UPDATE

WHAT WAS I THINKING?? Another labor intensive project.... This is only about 1/3 of the garment cut out! I have a blister on my scissor hand....

I am thinking about running these strips through the wash so that the edges of the fabric fray and get it might look less like cut material and won't get stringy later. of to keep them from turning into a tangles mess in the washing machine?? maybe i will tie them in a bundle.
Check back for updates!

5-12-06 The Emporor Has No Clothes

Check out this awesome thrift store find!!!! This entire robe is COVERED in embroidery from head to foot!! I am going to attempt to make a yarn simular to Easter Dress, where i cut the entire garment into a spinnable strip of material. In Easter Dress i cut straight through the embroidery, leaving a frayed edge, this time i think i will try and preserve this incredible imagery by cutting around all the embroidery. (Also the background material is yukky polyester 50/50 so i'll just get rid of that....). In my mind, which does not guarantee anything,i imagin that the flowers will sit on the spun yarn and be recognizable to some degree. We'll see.....

I will start cutting this weekend. In the meantime i need to find a fiber for the yarn...i'm thinking silk or plant fiber of some is just too hot for wool. Plus silk would compliment the embroidery and reinforce the asian feel of it. I also have some incredible skinny neon colored mohair yarn that i scored at the same thrift store for 15 cents! woohoo! Check back for updates!

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