PRAIRIE DREAM- A Little Massacre

HUGE BULKY skein made from white ICELANDIC FLEECE, hand-dyed fibers, silk waste, fabric, flowers, rubber cherries and a 1940's VINTAGE DOLL who's eyes open and close! and her little western chaps and prairie blouse...The entire yarn is spun with a delicate pale pink nubbly thread and a coral pink silk thread.

I was not going to sell this yarn! My concept was to crochet it up into a square panel (like a tapestry) and see if created a "scene". I visualized it looking like a little prairie massacre scene...i spun in tufts of blood red wool and shreds of fabric, that interspersed with the botanical elements and the earthy colors and textures.... not to mention the disembodied head. well you get the picture.....

But alas! I am broke and with a toddler, baby and straight job the reality of me actually having time to make it?? no way!

SO- it's for sale to you creative people with extra time! However, i have been flooded w/requests to buy it before i even finished it! So to be fair, i am just putting it on ebay...

See how it was made!

ONE POUND, 5oz!!!!!
PRICE: Starting at $95.00 on EBAY!

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